Are You Getting a Good Home Inspection?

How to tell if you are getting what you paid for is not always easy. The Inspection you hired my look the part talk the part and seem legit..but how can you be sure?

Here are a few pointers

Price – Just like many things, you get what you pay for. Now that’s not to say that the most expensive inspection is the best and the least expensive is the worst at all but you should stay away from $99 inspections. There is no was in hell I’m doing one for $99. It’s just worth more that that.

Tools – If all your inspector has is a flashlight then they don’t have enough. The bac, any k of my inspection truck is filled with all kinds of stuff because I never know what I may need. Some common tools are a flashlight, electrical testers, moister meters, ladders, tape measures, gas and carbon monoxide detectors, temperature gun, safety equipment and more.

Knowledge – Now this one is tough but here is what you don’t want. If every other word that comes out of your inspectors mouth is something that you have never heard of and it all sound like gibberish them either the inspector just has poor communication skills or they memorized a bunch of fancy words and use them to hide the fact that they have no clue what they are doing.

Conclusion – An average home inspection is about 2 hours long, should be noticeably thorough, should cost around $250 – $400 range (just my opinion, there is no set price), the inspector should be licensed and insured and they should know enough to explain anything in a way that the average person can understand.