Real Estate Agents – How To Help The Home Inspector

I’m not taking shots at any agents but this month has been quite a journey. I’m about a dozen inspections into the month and have been having headaches with my inspections so I decided to make a list for Real Estate Agents. I can’t speak for all Home Inspectors but I know I speak for some so here is a list – do these things and your Inspector will be happy happy.

  1. Make sure the inspection has been properly scheduled with other agents, owners, buyers and whoever else needs to be in the loop.

  2. If you are not coming to the inspection then make sure the keys are where they’re suppose to be, make sure the lock box codes are correct.

  3. Make sure that the utilities are on and any important information has been shared with the Inspector. Disclosures are good or just a phone call or text is fine.

  4. Make sure that dogs are out of the way, it’s not fun to do an inspection while fighting off dogs or listening to them bark for 2 hours.

  5. Answer the phone, I may have a question or a problem or who knows what. I don’t need a babysitter but I may need something.

  6. Give proper addresses and directions, I may not know the area as well as the agents and I may not be aware of landmarks and local names for things…Bob’s Corner is not on my GPS.

  7. Be on time, especially if you’re coming to let me in.

  8. Protect me from the sellers and buyers – Answering questions while doing an inspection is like giving an interview while taking a test. It sucks…

  9. Ask the sellers to make sure that everything is readily accessible…attic access, electrical panel, water heater, furnace closet

    Conclusion – I totally get that the Home Inspection is a pain for most Real Estate Agents but it’s just part of the process. I try to treat every agent and house like it’s the only thing in the world but the truth is that it’s not – I usually have more that 1 inspection to get done on that day so if I’m on the phone trying to verify the appointment while being lost for 15 minutes, get there and can’t get in for 15 minutes, agents shows up late, I have to move stuff for 15 minutes, I have to fight the dogs, I have to have to discuss every picture with the sellers and buyers…… Not Fun – Plus I’m trying to give a quality inspection so all the agents and brokers can move the deal along and get closed.

    I hope this helps.

    And to those who try to help out the Home Inspector – We all love you.