What I Do When We Have A Little Slow Down…..#Hustle#EnjoyIt

So since I am mainly a home inspection company my work picks up and slows down with the real estate market. When I am busy it’s crazy and I can’t seem to keep up let alone worry about advertising, marketing, SEO, websites etc. So when it slows down a little that’s when I attack –

First day off I get my self caught up and cleaned up – I’m talking everything.. I get the truck back in order, I get the finances caught up, I delete unneeded emails and pictures etc,

Second day I get my hustle on… send out emails, get on FB and check out whats for sale, work on the website, go drop off some business cards, work on more certifications, mail letters to agencies…whatever, just Hustle and grow the business.

Third day off and any following days – Most Important – I try to just take it easy and hang with my family and just be home… which is hard for me…I have a hard time turning off if you know what I mean –

Point – When your in business for yourself you work – all you can – 20, 30 , 45 days in a row – It is real nice when you get 2 or 3 or 4 days off without actually taking vacation