Why Do I Need A Home Inspection?

This question must go through every home buyers mind at some point but lets break it down.

Lets say you’re buying a $200,000 home and your Real Estate fees are %6 and the back is making you get a termite inspection, then there is abstract, title, closing etc etc etc.

The one thing you have control of is the Inspection – And guess what? It is the cheapest part of the whole thing……………..I know you know about houses and your dad and uncle have been in construction for 30 years, and they may very well be able to give you the advice you need but what you are looking for is an objective opinion. When I inspect a property it is just that…a property – No 2 are alike and I don’t care if you but it or not. I’m just doing my job.

That’s what you want….and unemotional objective opinion from someone who looks at houses all day.

So don;t be stupid to save a few hundred bucks –