Will The Home Inspection Find Out Everything That’s Wrong?

The short answer is Hell No – First off an inspector can’t actually see everything. That’s like asking a mechanic to see inside your engine. But ….. can we see a lot? Yes. Can we (because we are trained) add everything up and come to some conclusions? Yes.

Are there things we miss? Of course there are, just like any other job. That’s why you use your judgement and choose the best inspector you can and just trust the process. I have certainly made a few (NEVER anything serious I should add) I have checked wrong boxes in my reporting software, I have gotten home and while reviewing my report before I sent it realized that I didn’t take a picture of some component and several other things. And I have done my best to correct the mistake and try to not do it again.

Here’s the deal – If you have hired a good inspector with a good reputation then any over-sites will be minor and won’t be anything that would have affected you decision to but anyway – I could go into this in major detail but I won’t – Do this, when you and whoever look at the house if you see something odd, strange, broken or whatever then write it down or show it to your inspector. The more eyes the better.

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